Research interests

I study computational models of early phonetic learning, i.e. how infants’ speech perception changes through the course of the first year of life, in particular becoming attuned to their native language(s). For example, by 10-12 months of age, infants growing in a Japanese linguistic environment, do not discriminate between American English /r/ and /l/ anymore (as in ‘lap’ versus ‘rap’) whereas American English natives still do.


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*These authors contributed equally to this work.

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(Best student paper award)



A python package for performing ABX experiments on large corpora.
GIT repository.


A standardized format for corpora of speech recordings with tools for performing experiments combining ASR and ABX-Discriminability Measures.
GIT repository.


A utility for efficiently managing the complex FLows Of Data in modern machine learning and signal processing pipelines.
Not yet released.


Schatz, T., Cao, X-N., Kolesnikova, A., Bergvelt, T., Wright, J., Dupoux, E. (2015) Articulation Index LSCP LDC2015S12. Web Download. Philadelphia: Linguistic Data Consortium, 2015. [Available for free here]